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Panchakarma Clinic

INDIA - Kerala, Kottayam

The Athreya Ayurvedic Resort had been tastefully designed in the traditional Kerala style, utilizing mainly wood and laterite. The ancient healing science had been practiced and taught by his ancestors for six hundred years, a tradition that continues to this day in a seamless progression. Handsome portraits Dr. Girish and Dr. Srijit family patriarchs going back five generations adorn the walls of the well appointed reception area. The retreat is nestled in a bucolic hamlet and surrounded by a network of canals flowing into the gorgeous Kerala Backwaters. Floating water hyacinths, vivid green paddy fields and gently swaying coconut palms, Ficus, Pipal, Banana, Papaya, Ashoka and Eleocarpus trees punctuate the Vedic symmetry of the resort. It includes a yoga room, a treatment center, ten beautiful residential cottages and a separate chamber for training in Kalaripayattu.

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Panchakarma Clinic

Athreya Ayurvedic Resorts offers a specialized course of healing in the form of Unique Kerala Panchakarma Treatment for body and mind.

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Dr. B.Gireesh, D.A.M

Dr. B.Gireesh, D.A.M., chairman and managing director of Athreya Ayurveda Group of institutions, is the General Secretary of the oldest Ayurvedic organization Kerala Ayurveda Mandalam; this post is one of the honorary advisors to the Minister of Health - Govt Of Kerala in certain key issues.

Hails from a family of Ayurveda tradition ageing back to six centuries. Dr Gireesh is one of the pioneers in Kerala to combine the traditional treatment science and the modern medicine for Patient care. Dr. Gireesh, passed his DAM degree from the Kerala Ayurveda Samajam College was fortunate to be the disciple of Vaidya Madam Velia Narayan Namputhri, an illustrious celebrity in the field of Ayurveda medicine. Later under the famous Kumarakom Parameswaran Pillay, from the Dhanwantari Madom in Thiruvanthapuram, Dr. Gireesh realized and learned the importance of utilizing modern medicine's diagnostic techniques for Ayurveda practice.

Dr. J. Padmadevi, B.A.M.

Dr J Padmadevi BAMS granddaughter of the famous Ayurveda specialist, Varakala Raman vidyan, the Ayurveda passion is kept alive for generations in this family. Graduated from the Centre of Excellence - Govt Ayurveda College - Trivandrum, Kerala.

Dr. Jayalakshmi G, BAMS

Dr. Jayalakshmi G, BAMS Graduate from S D M college of Ayurveda, Udupi. Specialize in Gynecological disorders , Gastroenterological diseases, Ayurveda beauty care, Serves as the Director - Finance. 

Dr. Jayakrishnan G, BAMS

Dr. Jayakrishnan G, BAMS Graduate from Vishnu college of Ayurveda, Kerala. Serves as the Director - Logistics
Specialises in Panchakarma.


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