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Listen to your inner voice


SwaSwara is located on the western coast of India, popularly known as the ‘Konkan’ coast in the state of Karnataka in South India. Set a little away from the village of Gokarna, nestling amidst rolling hills and lined by serene coconut palms are 24 villas inspired by the homesteads, tradition and craft of the Uttara Karnataka region.

We live unaware of the inner sound of our being, drowned out as it is, by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace can we hear it. That's why we've made sure, that the shouts of the modern world die down to whispers, at SwaSwara. The inner voice of the Self. That echoes on a fabled beach, shaped like the very first sound of creation, Om. A perfect setting, for communion of mind and body. Come, say hello to the song and celebration within you.

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India, Karnataka, Gokarna

The inner voice of the self

Listen to your inner voice. When you are in the present, you are moving forward without noticing how time flies by.

Dr. Dayananda
Chief Physician

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Dr.Dayananda, chief physician at SwaSwara, seven years ago, he married ayurvedic doctor Mrs. Shobha and they have decided to call SwaSwara their home. For them SwaSwara is placewhere they balance way of living and working, but also male and female point of view while treating patients (or they prefer to call them guests). We asked him few questions:

What does SwaSwara mean for you personally?

SwaSwara is a place, where we are working and living too. We call it our home and it makes this concept even more interesting. Resort is managed very open-minded. Normally management is always after how much money they can make but here it’s very different. Management doesn’t interfere with the final decisions that doctors have to take. That freedom allows you to work independently like in your own clinic where you take all the decisions.  SwaSwara is not hospital, but resort, so we are not able to heal everything that is why we are very honest with our guests. If somebody wants to come in for some serious ayurvedic treatment, we always ask them to come to us with all the data regarding the problem that they are facing. Using this we can add some questions of our own and check where it is going wrong. If we are confident about handling it, we suggest the necessary therapies and its benefits. If we cannot, then we also suggest to whom they can approach.

Can be SwaSwara compared to Ayurvedic Hospital?

SwaSwara is not designed 100 percent as a hospital, it is a holiday, wellness and rejuvenate purity center. It’s a mix of everything. Even someone who is well and can take care of themself can come here and we have different packages they can opt from which they can decide what to do. For example the ‘Swa package’ is more like a holiday package with an introduction to yoga, ayurveda, naturopathy, philosophy and everything. So there we don’t restrict much.We introduce them and tell them about their prakruti, diet and what they need to follow once they are back home and things like panchakarma will benefit them in the long run a year or two later. But if somebody comes for ‘Prana Package’ which is an exclusive ayurveda package, they have a detailed consultation and we put them on a vegetarian diet strictly and it is for 14 nights to 21 nights. If it is for 14 nights we give maximum priority to relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Interview with Dr.Dayananda you can read here.


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