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A village in Sri Lanka

SRI LANKA - Ulpotha

Ulpotha has been a retreat site for thousands of years and remains a perfect place for a Yoga holiday or an Ayurveda retreat in the heart of Sri Lanka. It's a beautiful hide-away open to guests for holidays and retreats for part of the year and is a place of total peace. You may come here to experience Yoga holidays and Ayurveda retreats and the warm, generous and gentle hospitality the people of Sri Lanka love to offer.

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Sri Lanka, Ulpotha

A village in Sri Lanka

Doctor Sooriya Arachchige Amaratunga introduced Ayurveda Heritage in Ulpotha. Nowadays Ulpotha has an exciting programme of Ayurveda treatments.

Photo: Ulpotha

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Doctor Sooriya Arachchige Amaratunga introduced Ayurveda Heritage in Ulpotha. Nowadays Ulpotha has an exciting programme of Ayurveda treatments and, by the very definition of 'holistic', possesses the ideal climate and environment for the practise of this deeply therapeutic and traditional art.

In 1942, a young boy by the name of Sooriya Arachchige Amaratunga went with his mother and brother to see the island's leading practitioner of the Neelammahara tradition, Dr. Ven. Dehiwela Dhammaloka Thero, for the treatment of his brother. He was immediately captivated by the art and science of Aayurveda as practised by the Thero. So much so that the Thero decided to take the young man under his wing and to become his mentor. After a long and illustrious period of study under the Thero, he went to study under another famous physician specializing in the Elvitigala tradition, which covers general indigenous medicine.

After obtaining honours in Neelammahara and Elvitigala traditions, Dr. Amaratunga came into his own, practicing the rare combination of the two. Dr. Amaratunga enjoyed a long and illustrious career as both a practicing physician as well as a teacher.

As his life matured, he looked for a suitable candidate to whom he could pass his unique knowledge. In 1997, Dr. Amaratunga anointed a third year student, who was studying indigenous medicine at the University of Colombo at the time, to carry on his rare heritage. That student was Srilal Mudunkothge. Srilal completed his formal studies by obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery and thereafter registering as a general and special doctor with the Ayurveda Medical Council of Sri Lanka in 2002 and 2003 respectively. He is also registered as a Pharmacist with the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

After practicing as an Ayurveda physician in Colombo for four years between 2000 and 2004, Dr. Srilal based himself in Ulpotha. He has established a unique practise in the tradition of his illustrious Ayurveda forebears, Dr. Ven. Dehiwela Dhammaloka Thero and Dr. Amaratunga. To facilitate him in this, Ulpotha has set up a free Ayurveda clinic where Dr Srilal diagnoses and dispenses free medicines to over 100 local villagers weekly. The cost of this is paid for by the money raised from the Ayurveda treatments paid for by Ulpotha's guests. Guests are encouraged to visit the free clinic during their time at Ulpotha where they can learn about some of the plants that are commonly used in Ayurveda treatment. Many of the medicinal herbs and plants used in Ayurveda are grown in the compound surrounding the clinic.


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